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In the pharmaceutical universe, fashions for certain products come and go (“trends” do not just happen in fashion, music, movies or food). After studying certain trendy products, we found that collagen is one product that is currently “in fashion”. The current target market is, on the one hand, semi-professional sportsmen (occasional or regular), runners, etc.; and, on the other hand, middle-aged women who use it as a supplement for dieting, medical and cosmetic reasons. Since the market and products are strongly segmented between these two types of consumers, we thought of creating a product and brand for both of them. And perhaps for a broader target market too.

We developed brand naming to offer personal care and fitness products with scientific backing (Fitgenic) and packaging for their magnesium-enriched collagen for a very wide-ranging target: as mentioned above but (even) including the general public. This product does not contain vitamins but does boost vitality and can transcend the previous target consumers and find new ones. Hence the idea (as for so many products in the industry) of making it more popular with a novel “orange flavour”.

  • Naming
  • Packaging
  • Art direction
  • Copywriting

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