We are design studio specialising in packaging for fast moving consumer goods and branding for global companies. Our creative studios operate in European and Australian markets.


Brands Are Welcome.

  • 01 de 07
    Chupa Chups
    Brand architecture helps to diversify corporate identity. Branding is marvelous when it opens up new territories without losing its entity.
  • 02 de 07
    Beat Garden
    There is not much difference between music and graphic design. It is a question of composing harmoniously to tell a story, albeit with different tools.
  • 03 de 07
    Differentiation and brand values are crucial in achieving a relevant position for your product in a highly competitive market.
  • 04 de 07
    Good branding transcends the logotype, which is why we have created a rich visual world that conveys the brand’s positive values in each and every one of its embodiments.
  • 05 de 07
    Borges Mediterranean Snacking
    In consumer goods packaging design, product location is the key. On the shelf and on the market. Good design means efficient communication.
  • 06 de 07
    Mushroom Forestry
    When a brand’s main value is quality, the design of its corporate identity and packaging must be, put simply, excellent and refined.
  • 07 de 07
    When a brand comes across as a unit and is consistent in all regards, it will manage to seduce, persuade and convey its values in a highly impactful way.
Tastes like the sea
We’re a Design studio
Cambridge School Logo
New look for logo
Popular premium
La Cabana
Branding for toddlers
Borges Mediterranean Snacking
Olives worldwide
Can Calet
Fun for nibbling
Brasería Milana
Grill thrills
Laia Martí
Laia Martí

Communications Manager

Do you believe in the power of graphic design? We do too. Drop us a line.
We help you.
There’s a light…
Inspired by nature
We design logos
and corporate identity.
We make
Beat Garden
Sound & Vision
Glòria Fernández
Glòria Fernández

Graphic Designer

We design labels and packages.
We make
Pere León
Health and space
Borges Soja
Creative ideas for daring brands. Drop us a line.
We help you.
Doctor Barret
Live long and prosper
Mario Sánchez
Mario Sánchez

Final Artwork Producer

The Capsule by Uriach
Tell me more
Flavour and experience
Brand visibility as solid as metal
Borges Natura
Something new
We design websites, magazines
and sales material.
We make
Visual communication
Marco González
Marco González

Founder. Creative Director

Chupa Chups
The expansion of a universe
We design for companies with clear goals: to grow and to brand. Drop us a line.
We help you.

Do you believe in the power of graphic design? We do too.
Drop us a line. We help you.
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