Brand architecture

Just like when a (real) architect builds a house, when you want to build a robust, unique brand through which you can live harmoniously, the first step is planning.

We start by sitting down with our client to see what their brand is like, what they think it is, what they would like it to be and what they need it to be to achieve their commercial goals. We then research the market, the competition and the industry we are about to immerse ourselves in. Building an office block is not the same as building a house. And building one in the city is not the same as building one in the countryside.

With all this information (and a little bit more; you will find out when you hire us ;-) we can draw up the brand plans.

Branding is based on getting all of a brand’s aspects in order to convey a personality, values and leave a mark. Its personality. Its values. Its mark. And that is what we do.

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