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Branding is persuading with your brand

And to persuade with your brand, you need more than just a logo. You need to have a memorable name. A tagline that talks about objectives. A powerful and unique visual identity, one that sets you apart. And the right tone and voice in your communication.

Branding is the set of elements that conveys a brand’s values. And doing branding helps to get these values across to your target. To achieve this, you must be consistent, true and bold. You need to put everything that your brand is into everything that your brand does.

Vibranding creates honest brands.

Brand consulting

How is your brand doing? Fine, thanks. Well then, let’s see. We analyse your brand, the image it projects, your brand equity, the sensations conveyed by its graphic elements, the extent of its communication… Brand consultancy allows us to know what you need in order to be a cut above the rest on the market, promote your products, attract attention with your services and, in a nutshell, make our branding strategy more effective.

Sometimes a brand needs a radical change; other times, some minor adjustments, a restyling of the logo, a revamping of the corporate identity, better-defined campaigns, an updated digital strategy or communication codes aligned with the interests of your target. Because, when all is said and done, before deciding where we want to go we need to know where we are.


To know who you are, you need to know what your name is. Our name makes us recognisable. Unfortunately, when we are born we do not get to choose our own name. It is chosen for us (And they do not always get it right). However, a brand can choose its own name or that of its products.

Vibranding helps you to get the name right, one that transmits your brand values and helps you to be recognised and be unique on the market.

Apart from that, surnames are also part of our social identity, aren’t they? The same goes for brands, services and consumer products. A good tagline should always be there to complement the brand, just as a good slogan adds value to a product or complements a service. We also take care of all of this.

You are bound to be able to remember taglines and slogans associated with a brand. This is because they are good names with good surnames. Don’t you want the same thing for your company?

Logo design

Technically, logotype refers to the written form of a brand. It is not an icon or letters and an icon simply joined together. However, the widespread use of the word has eventually one part to be equated with the whole. Technical terms (imagotype, isotype, isologo) are for technical purposes, so let’s avoid this debate and embrace the power of the synecdoche!

You know what we are referring to when we talk about “logo”: the form taken by the name of your company, your brand, your product or your service.

Vibranding has a team of more than a dozen graphic designers who will come up with a logotype that will fit your needs, brand values, identity, commercial objectives, your desire to be recognised…

You have already defined your brand (and if you haven’t, we will help you to do it). Now it is time to transfer all of this to an image that you will be delighted with, as will the consumers. And even more so if you place your trust in a trained and experienced team like ours that has the sensitivity to design a logo that conveys what your brand is in a clear and precise way.

Corporate identity

Fine, now you have a logo. But did you know that your brand is much more than that? Imagine the Coca-Cola Mansion. Now imagine it orange. Moreover, imagine that it has angled shapes and no curves. Now imagine that it’s full of grey and sad people who look sick. There’s something amiss, isn’t there?

The corporate identity consists of incorporating the characteristics of the brand and its logotype into the graphic elements. Not just for it to have an identity, but also for it to have entity.

And how do we transmit or convey an image? You know the answer already. How do you transmit your personal image? Through your appearance. Through your name. Through the way you do things, the way you move, the way you treat other people. Through the gestures that characterise you. Through the words you choose. Your tone of voice. Your manners. In a nutshell, you transmit what you are through what you do.

A brand works in the same way. And Vibranding will give you a brand book to convey your brand efficiently and in any context or situation using any language: visual, verbal, gestural or expressive.

Brand architecture

As Alvar Aalto or Zaha Hadid would say, the first step in building a brand that can cover sub-brands is planning. Because more often than not there is a mesh or a network of products, services, ranges, families or other brands that must be just as consistent as the mother brand.

We begin by sitting down with the customer to see what their brand is like and to see what they think their brand is like, what they would like it to be like and what they need it to be like in order to accomplish their commercial objectives.

Designing an office block is not the same as building a house. Just as building in the countryside is not the same as building in the city. With all this information (and a bit more; you’ll see what we mean when you hire us ;-) we can begin to devise the brand plans. In some cases, you need to define a common and consistent descriptor structure. In others, services linked to a mother brand. Or create sub-brands that are loyal to the global values.

Branding is also about bringing order to this business fabric in order to stand out and be independent without losing your consistency.

We create your product’s naming to be successful.
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