Corporate identity

So now you have a logo. But … did you know your brand is much more than that? Imagine the Coca-Cola mansion. Now imagine everything in that mansion is orange. Imagine everything is orange with pointy shapes, no curves, no rounding. Then imagine it full of grey, sad people, who you can tell are having a bad time from their faces. Something is wrong, right?

Corporate identity involves translating the characteristics of the brand and its logo into the rest of the elements connected with that brand’s image. Not just so it has an identity but so it also has an essence.

So how do you convey an image? You know perfectly well yourself. How do you convey your personal image? By the way you look. With your name. Through the way you act. The way you move. How you treat others. Your own particular gestures. Your vocabulary. Your tone of voice. Your manners. Basically, you communicate what you are like through everything you do.

A brand works in the same way. Vibranding provides you with a brand book (a corporate identity manual) to communicate your brand efficiently in any context or situation, using any language: visual, verbal, gestural or expressive.

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