Logo design

Technically speaking, the logo is the written part of a brand. Not an icon or a combination of letters and an icon. The word has ended up being so widely used that a part has become identified with the whole and “logo” is taken to mean the image identifying a brand (whether that is just a name or a name and an icon). Technical terms are best left for technical uses so, let’s put controversy to one side and embrace the power of synecdoche!

You know what we mean when we say “logo”: the image designating your company, brand, product or service.

Vibranding has a team of more than a dozen graphic designers who will design a logo that meets your needs, the brand architecture we have developed, your name, values and commercial objectives, and your desire for recognition, etc.

Our creative and artistic direction team will already have handled your brand’s architecture, name and values; so now is the time to translate all that into the image. It is an image you will love and so will consumers. Especially if you trust in a team like ours, which is trained and has the experience and sensitivity to design a logo that clearly and accurately shows what your brand is like.

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