New formats

One of the most powerful strategies attracting consumers’ attention is surprise. You make yourself surprising by being different. In packaging, new formats are designs (labels, packages, wrapping, packaging or containers) that are unusual, do not use standard shapes or formats, and are innovative and exclusive. Developing new formats takes packaging to the next level, increasing a product’s visibility and strengthening corporate identity and its values.

However, there is also a practical function. We are an agency that believes in useful design, so we must mention that new formats should also have practical functions.

As Otl Aicher said, “A chair that is not good to sit on is a bad chair, even if it would be suitable as a work of art. It is bad design.” The same goes for new formats: if they are surprising and beautiful but not practical (for use by consumers or to contain the product) then they are no good.

At Vibranding we firmly believe that taking steps in the field of new formats is the best way of guaranteeing a product is memorable.

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