Packaging and containers

Is it really necessary for the containers we put our cool packaging in to be anodyne brown cardboard? A few years ago the answer might have been that it does not matter because the public never get to see the container. But it is increasingly common for the container to end up on the shopping aisle so products can be served directly to consumers. So the packaging and the container communicate brand values as much as the logo, label or package.

The main advantage of treating packaging and container design with this branded approach we follow at Vibranding is that your corporate identity is reinforced and the brand’s or product’s image noticeably improves.

Moreover, even if the end consumer does not get to see the packaging at the point of sale (as is the case for products that are not consumer packaged goods), giving it an attractive design in line with the brand’s visual identity is still a good marketing and communication strategy. The end consumer is everywhere, not just at the point of sale. If your brand has already made an impact on people in another context (in the street, in a warehouse, on a lorry, etc.) they are more likely to remember it when they are shopping.

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