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Packaging is branding

Packaging is the best vehicle for the values of many brands. Because many brands reach their target through their products, and in this regard the packaging does the talking. Vibranding designs labels, packages, wrappings, packing, containers and new packaging formats that talk to the public or target: that show them the product’s values and captivate and conquer them. They persuade them to keep them in their trolley and in their life as well. We want brands to get their customers to fall in love with them.

At Vibranding packaging is seduction.


Some products are more powerful and enjoy greater recognition than any brand. And others are even more powerful than the company that makes them. Particularly in the consumer product market. This is why it is of paramount importance that the labels of such products be handled with the same parameters that we use to treat brands.

Vibranding likes to use this approach when designing labels.

Labels must be designed to help products to stand out on the shelf: nobody would argue with that. It is also important that they explain, clearly and unequivocally, what the product’s qualities are, that they convey a USP (unique selling proposal), reflect its distinctive value. Summarising, labels must be both descriptive and seductive.

Because a label’s ultimate goal is merely to captivate consumers. So that in the purchasing or shopping process consumers will choose this product and not another one.

Product shooting

Studies have demonstrated that consumers blindly believe what a label says, be it written or described. A brand or product’s messages and values are not only conveyed by words, but also by images.

If you want to show the product contained in your packaging properly, make sure that the image that depicts it is just as genuine, attractive, suggestive and fanciable as the actual product.

Vibranding specialises in taking photographs of products for packaging.

We shoot the ingredients, the final recipe, the suggestion of the presentation or we extol the product’s virtues with stylish still-lives or with realistic and exquisite photo touching-up. In a word, we shoot everything that moves.

We have in-company specialists in attrezzo, home economists, shooting and photographic touching-up. And, believe you us, when a photo is fanciable, the consumer feels far more inclined to purchase it.

Packages and wrappers

Packaging design is not limited to labels. Product packages and wrappers are essential in conveying the same values that can be transmitted by a label, although they also play a very important role in terms of positioning.

Shape or form speak loud and clear. The shape or form is also the brand. An exclusive wrapper says just as much about a product as any descriptor, copy, slogan or storytelling. A bottle whose shape is different to others speaks volumes about the drink it contains.

A box with a design that is closely related to the product that it contains attracts attention and delivers a far clearer reflection of the brand’s values.

An elegant bag (another example) highlights the values of quality and premium category. Just as a wrapper manufactured with organic and/or recycled materials has greater power of persuasion for ecological products.

These details are very important, as they get the customer not only to want to buy the product, but also to want to buy it always.

Packs and containers

Do the containers into which we insert our cool packaging really need to be made of plain brown cardboard? Not many years ago, the answer might have been “it doesn’t matter, because the container doesn’t reach the target”. But it is becoming increasingly more common for the container to end up on the shelves in order to serve products directly to the consumer.

Hence, packing and container convey brand values just as much as the logotype, label or package do.

The main advantage of treating the design of packaging and containers from this perspective that we have at Vibranding is that corporate identity is reinforced and brand or product image improves ostensibly. It is a good marketing and communication strategy.

The end consumer is everywhere, not just at the point of sale. If your brand has already made an impact in another context (in the street, in a warehouse, on a lorry…), then it will be easier for them to recall your product when they go shopping.

New formats

One of the most powerful strategies for attracting the consumer’s attention is the surprise factor. And people are surprised by things that are different.

In packaging, the new formats are any design (label, package, wrapper, packing or container) that is a cut above the rest, that does not use standard dies, formats or material, that exudes innovation, that is exclusive. Developing new formats is about taking packaging to the next level.

But there is also a practical function. We are committed to useful design, which means that we must continue to stress that the new formats must also serve practical purposes.

If they surprise you and are nice but are not practical (to be used by the consumer or to contain a product), then they are useless.

Vibranding firmly believes that pushing forward driving in the field of new formats is a sure-fire guarantee of making a product a memorable one.

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