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Our funky carol has been recorded with sounds, noises and voices made, performed and rendered by the Vibranding team. And a punch press.
Merry Christmas from us all!
The band
Txell: Yeah!, Fum fum fum. Marina: Uh Uhhh! Josep: Kick drum GF Smith catalog, Fum fum fum. Daniel: Bass jug, Fum fum fum, claps. Glòria: Hi hat lacquer, claps. Amparo: Snare stamp, Fum fum fum. Dani: Snare socks, Fum fum fum. Amador: Snare letterpress cabinet, Fum fum fum. Esteban: Snare Pantone color guide, Fum fum fum, claps. Mario Suave: Claps. Ángela: Snaps, claps. Andrea: CoconutChupa Chups clave, claps. Marco: Fum fum fum. Cx!: Shaker Iruela, claps, Fum fum fum. Ramon Marc: Flute Red Bat, claps, Fum fum fum. Laia: Flute Una Cerveza, claps, Fum fum fum. Ana Bel: Heel tap, claps, Fum fum fum. Javi: Scratch Gràffica, claps. Carles: Fum fum fum. Mario: Fum fum fum. Caño: Flexophone, claps, Fum fum fum.

Production, composing and mixing: Ramon Marc.
Video recording: Cx! and Dani Caño.
Edition and film direction: Raimon Fransoy.
Booking available for weddings, christenings, communions and Blanc Festival.​ ;-)