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Logotype of the branding and packaging agency, Vibranding

We are design studio specialising in packaging for fast moving consumer goods and branding for global companies. Our creative studios operate in European and Australian markets.


Brands Are Welcome.

  • 01 de 07
    In many brands, packaging is something more than the container of a product. In many brands, packaging is the best tool for branding.
  • 02 de 07
    Eco-packaging design does not limit itself to the use of recycled materials but embraces the intelligent use of the materials strictly necessary for wrapping your product.
  • 03 de 07
    Young Folks
    In the breakneck-speed digital universe, brands that achieve immediate and powerful impact are the ones that will prevail and persist.
  • 04 de 07
    Cambridge School
    Renewal of the discourse is essential for good branding. Brands, just like people, evolve over time.
  • 05 de 07
    Chupa Chups
    Brand architecture helps to diversify corporate identity. Branding is marvelous when it opens up new territories without losing its entity.
  • 06 de 07
    Office Fitout Group
    The signage and decoration of an office is branding too. Therefore, interior design companies should be acting as an example.
  • 07 de 07
    Una Cerveza
    Every label of Una Cerveza is unique, and in order to be able to make infinite combinations we created a visual code based on only six colours and one typeface.
We’re a Design studio
Portfolio Vibranding - Poolside
Life is for drinking
Mario Guzmán
Mario Guzmán

Graphic & 3D Designer

Portfolio Vibranding - Food Shot
Food Shot
The chef recommends
Portfolio Vibranding - Tutete
Baby care and planet caring
Portfolio Vibranding - Cambridge School
Cambridge School
It’s branding, omg!
We design logos
and corporate identity.
We make
Daniel Ballesteros
Daniel Ballesteros

Graphic Designer

Portfolio Vibranding - Emo Cap
Emo Cap
Fluid mechanics
We design labels and packages.
We make
Do you believe in the power of graphic design? We do too. Drop us a line.
We help you.
Portfolio Vibranding - Brasería Milana
Brasería Milana
Grill thrills
Creative ideas for daring brands. Drop us a line.
We help you.
Portfolio Vibranding - Borges Mediterranean Snacking
Borges Mediterranean Snacking
Olives worldwide
Portfolio Vibranding - Vibranding
On paper
Portfolio Vibranding - 8M
We design websites, magazines
and sales material.
We make
Visual communication
Portfolio Vibranding - Beat Garden
Beat Garden
Sound & Vision
Portfolio Vibranding - Cambridge School
Cambridge School
A new world
María Birba
María Birba

Graphic Designer & Photographer

Portfolio Vibranding - Chupa Chups
Chupa Chups
The expansion of a universe
Portfolio Vibranding - APD
Brand visibility as solid as metal
Portfolio Vibranding - Mushroom Forestry
Mushroom Forestry
Quality that grows
Portfolio Vibranding - Ready for people
Ready for people
Lucía Navío Pérez
Lucía Navío Pérez

Graphic Designer

Portfolio Vibranding - Mamá Olé
Mamá Olé
An antipodean journey
We design for companies with clear goals: to grow and to brand. Drop us a line.
We help you.
Portfolio Vibranding - Movex
A useful website

Do you believe in the power of graphic design? We do too.
Drop us a line. We help you.

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