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Baby care and planet caring

Liderpack Award Best Packaging Farmacia y Parafarmacia 2021

Silver Award Muse Design 2021 Best Packaging Baby & Children

Packaging elements of a Tutete thermo deconstructed


Tutete is the pioneering brand in the online sale of personalised pacifiers, and today it is one of the most in-demand thanks to its wide range of child care products for ages 0 to 6. The business that began in 2007 with something as simple as putting your little one’s name on their pacifier, which the company’s founders had seen done by hand in kindergartens with a marker (!), now has a vast catalogue with more than 10,000 references, no small achievement – and not only pacifiers!

Eco-packaging design does not limit itself to the use of recycled materials but embraces the intelligent use of the materials strictly necessary for wrapping your product.

Responsible, conscious, sustainable – and profitable. Especially, profitable. An approach that is not egoistic, but holistic. The brands that produce sensibly are those that have studied in great depth the benefits for their entire surroundings: from production itself to their consumers and their ecological impact, it goes without saying. It is not simply a matter of costs.

Tutete as you will have imagined from the numbers, handles a very large volume of packages, wrappers and cases. Packaging of all types. Its first step towards eco-packaging was realising that their working method was unprofitable. First step. So they called on us to conduct a consultancy project on packaging. “Can we do it better?” Of course.

Study and analysis – In reality, all projects start from this point. But in the case of Tutete, this was the very core of the project. We studied the catalogue of products that needed a review of the packaging process to make it more efficient, and we proposed a new approach. Not only of design but especially in reference to the structure of each pack, printing, production, use of materials, and so on.

In the briefing session we indicated a number of preferences to create packaging that would be simple, minimalist, clear and clean. These aspects refer not only to the composition or the use of certain colours or others, certain typographies or others, certain graphic solutions or others. They also affect and define the structural design of each package, band or label.

Pacifier clip of Tutete in its original packaging

Effective solutions for baby care products – The result is a range of products unified under the same criteria of graphic design, construction and use of materials. On the one hand, friendlier colours and typographies, with less content but more informative, with simple forms. On the other hand, precise and appropriate uses of materials according to the needs of each product (and the packaging regulations!): less plastic, less wastage, less superfluous and excess material … Just the necessary support, in a nutshell, no more and no less.

Hans holding a packaging prototype for a pacifier
Bodegón de productos de puericultura Tutete
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