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No brush-offs

Packaging and copywriting for Lacer Laboratories campaign

Visual communications
Sales material

A graphic communication project for the promotions of the iconic Lacer toothpaste. We designed different items for point of sale actions without ever losing sight of the brand’s visual style on the one hand, and the characteristics and the attributes of the specific promotion on the other.

The visual impact achieved by a product at the point-of-sale is the most powerful tool to afford it recognition and to entice the consumer.

Packaging for Lacer Laboratories sales promotion

No end of brushes — Colors is a collection of travel toothbrushes marketed by Lacer that focuses on a younger target that tends to look for an impact. We played with combinations of striking and intense colours and typographies that evoke the springy texture of toothpaste. Besides the design of the packaging that contained the promotion, we also took care of the vinyl decals used to advertise it in all the chemists.

Packaging close-up of Lacer Laboratories sales promotion

Smiling messages Another part of our commission was to promote daily-use toothbrushes containing highly optimistic expressions of phrases: “Dream”, “Be positive”, “Good morning”. For this promotion, the colours had to be softer or gentler, in line with a strategy targeting both a young and modern and a more adult audience.

Illustration for Lacer Laboratories sales promotion
Illustration with a smile for Lacer Laboratories sales promotion
Packaging close-up of Lacer Laboratories sales campaign
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