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Mamá Olé

An antipodean journey

Runner Up Best Brand Awards 2016 Oceania’s Best Brand

Selección Anuaria 2015 Award Best Logo Design

Golden Anuaria 2015 Award Best Naming

Mamá Olé's corporate identity and ham

Logo design
Arquitectura de marca
Corporate identity
Art direction
Sales material

Delicacies  Everyone knows how well people eat in the Mediterranean. The diet, the dishes and the products from this part of the planet are admired the whole world over. Mónica Silva’s endeavour was to import Mediterranean delicacies into her new home, Australia.  She had the dream and asked us to give it a name, an image and a brand.

Regional clichés are sometimes the great allies of graphic design. They make a brand understandable for the general public, with a bewitching wink.

Home-alike — Touching down in the Australian market with Mediterranean products required a brand that transmitted familiarity and closeness. It had to be tasty, fun and have an authentic, stylish and memorable name. It had to have a Latin character but also be understandable to the Australian public and approach them with a smiling face.

So we proposed the name Mamá Olé and the tagline “Goodies For Foodies”. The name describes its personality and the tagline describes the company’s business, the quality of its products and, most importantly, it was clear and attractive to a very wide audience. We are increasingly all foodies. Because who does not like eating well?

Logo design and naming for Mamá Olé
packaging mock-up and stationary with Mamá Olé's corporate identity

Give me passion  The artwork was developed using a very basic chromatic palette to imprint a strong, striking and passionate personality on it: red, yellow and blue. A wavy, elegant, lively typeface was created for the name and a drier one was made for the tagline. The logo was rounded off with a pictogram of a “mamá” based on highly recognisable commonplaces in the purest Spanish style, with the attractiveness of an Italian temperament, a plain Franco-Mediterranean elegance and breath-taking Greco-Latin beauty. The drawing, composition of the logo and brand artwork were also moulded based on all these parameters.

Packaging with Mamá Olé's branding

Branding  The architecture and voice of the Mamá Olé brand was built around three very basic, primary but powerful concepts: Good, Tasty, Fun.

Because it is a good brand (with good products and a good heart), a tasty brand (which appeals to our instincts and invites us to enjoy ourselves) and, above all, a fun brand (because meals should be parties).

Packaging with Mamá Olé's corporate identity and ham
Croquettes and branding of Mamá Olé
packaging mock-up and stationary with Mamá Olé's branding
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