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Mock-up with Borges Delissimo's sales kit

Selling kit
Visual communication

The world is not enough   Salad dressings are very common in the international market. Borges has a line of dressings. It is called Delissimo’s. But as yet it has a short presence beyond the spanish frontiers. Therefore, in order to break into these markets it is implementing a sales campaign whose strategy and material was designed by Vibranding.

For all tastes   It is a selling kit that can be used for large shopping centres and distribution managers as well as shopkeepers or consumers, because it is a fantastic product presentation that is also suitable for communication campaigns, trade events, competitions, special offers, etc.

A good advertising campaign surprises, attracts and captivates. It assists design, closeness and makes people smile. Because good ideas sell.

Image of Borges Delissimo's sales kit content

A different recipe book  Borges came to us with the idea of including a recipe book (as well as samples) in this kit to suggest different uses of the Delissimo’s dressings. Our contribution (besides the design) was that the pages of this recipe book were separate, with the shape of the main ingredients of different dishes. All served up with a lovely personalised wooden bowl.

The recipes included are traditional (German wurstsalat, tursu from Turkey, the Italian caprese, the French potato mille feuilles, Danish cucumber salad or Russian beetroot salad…). However, the suggestion of some highly Mediterranean-tinged dressings makes them… different and unique. Originality and surprise as the essence of a campaign that we summarise in The New Dressings copy.

Receipts shaped like ingredients for Borges Delissimo's sales kit
Deconstruction of Borges Delissimo's sales kit
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