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If there is one thing that we Mediterraneans can be proud of, then it is our good weather. And our olives! Truly delicious.

Sharing food is also part of our identity and history, which is why Borges has decided to share its finest olives with everyone through a new product range, a surprise-packed communication strategy and a powerful brand positioning oozing character. And we helped them to do all this.

In consumer goods packaging design, product location is the key. On the shelf and on the market. Good design means efficient communication.

The band already enjoys worldwide fame for its expertise in typical Mediterranean products. This is why the name chosen for this new range of premium olives just had to be “Mediterranean Snacking”. A product describer with values that also suggest the best time to partake of it. An all-in naming.

Packaging doypack Borges Olives International diseño
Packaging doypack Borges Olives International diseño
Packaging doypack Borges Olives International diseño ilustracion
Packaging doypack Borges Olives International diseño

The three doypacks have been designed with the same composition, albeit in different colours to highlight each variety. The unsaturated tones are a cut above the ultra-deep greens and reds that are so commonplace in the olives for mass-consumption category. They also steer clear of the blacks and whites of the more premium  products on the shelves.

The photographs pursue this same distinction and class. In terms of art management, we pulled out all the stops to give the product image a new approach simply by switching from the usual front shot to an overhead picture that gives the olives the limelight.

And finally, the illustrations, which speak to the values of tradition and craftsmanship that have characterized Borges for years and also relate to the packaging of many of the brand’s other products.

The outcome is a range with unity that achieves a major visual in-store impact with a powerful graphic personality. Distinctive and elegant.

special box and we also came up with a communication campaign based on a commercial  kit for instagrammer foodies all over the world. They receive a box with olives, small tablecloth, cocktail sticks and instructions on how to prepare the perfect “Mediterranean Snacking”, even in Singapore. Cheers!

Packaging doypack Borges Olives International diseño
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