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Nou Niu

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Logotype design and naming for real estate agency Nou Niu

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Many of our clients are entrepreneurs who come to us dreaming of getting their business up and running. They give it their all, and we help them to transform this commitment and enthusiasm into their graphic identity. In some cases (like this one), we are also asked to provide a name for this personal project, besides the brand attributes that go beyond the purely graphic side of things.

A descriptive, unique and singular name can save a great of effort in brand communication. When the logo projects the same values it is also persuasive.

Icon animation of real estate agency Nou Niu

What’s your name? – Her name is Eva. Eva Palau. After a long professional stint in the real estate business she has decided to start up her own business. The first thing she says when we sit down to talk about the project is that she wants her business to be different and therefore needs a name that will be a radical departure from the run-of-the-mill “Real-this” or “House-that” monikers. Ditto the logo and brand values. Differentiation. We like that.

Our naming proposal is to-the-point and fun (without sounding too cute): Nou Niu means “new nest” in Catalan, and more than anything it sounds great and is memorable. They love it. It suits them. We are on the right track.

Interior design – We work on the strategic part of the branding at the same time. The brand values must somehow convey Eva’s brand values. This business is based mainly on personal trust, which shows us the way. We establish the brand’s three values: honesty, well-being, enthusiasm. They refer to 1) the way that Nou Niu deals with people (transparency, clarity, facilities…); 2) what it offers its customers (find a home, office or commercial premises where they feel comfortable); and 3) the way both parties approach their relationship (win-win).

Logo animation of real estate agency Nou Niu

The logotype – These values are transferred to a logotype based on a geometric and no-frills typography that still conveys the smooth strokes of humanistic forms; a rational construction devoid of the austere coldness of pure geometry, imbued with both the logical construction of architecture and the warm touch of your dwelling place. We top it all off with the tagline “T’ajudem a viure millor” (We help you to live better), that can even work as a slogan at a pinch. Being practical also sits well with this brand’s values.

Technical instructions for real estate agency Nou Niu's logotype
NouTechnical instructions for real estate agency Nou Niu's logotypeNiu naming branding graphic design logo logotype Vibranding
Sketch of Nou Niu's logotype graphic development
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