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Upwards Jordi P. has a business repairing and selling dockside and industrial cranes. It used to be called Service JP. Jordi is a past master at repairing and maintaining equipment of this kind. He’s also highly familiar with the best machines to meet any customer’s needs. But his name and brand didn’t talk about any of this. We helped him to come up to date, to win the battle with his competitors.

Service JP was such an impersonal name (even though it included his initials) and said so little about Jordi’s qualities and his skill at repairing precision cranes that he himself realised he needed a complete makeover of his identity in order to grow. We gave him Alt Control.

Altcontrol's brand book page with logo and corporate colors

Personality This name plays with the height to which cranes lift things, it plays with the control of heavy equipment offered by these cranes and it plays with a digital label to place the brand in the 21st century. Dockside and industrial cranes are no longer controlled by levers but also with computer software. But when a lever, a motor or a shaft goes wrong or the software doesn’t respond, Jordi is there. Because Jordi’s in control.

With regard to the visual identity of the brand, we would stress that the logo is constructed with a heavy lettering, industrial in shape and with a stencil-type typographic style. The corporate colours (orange and grey) are also carefully chosen to recall both nautical/port and industrial aesthetics. The design of his website is highly practical and descriptive, emphasises the products and uses few bells and whistles. Sober, tough, effective and under control.
Altcontrol's new logo imagotype
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