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Brand visibility as solid as metal

Branding and logotype for copper production company APD's corporate identity

Logo design
Corporate identity
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Our task As part of its broader business growth strategy, copper producer APD required brand consulting and refreshed branding that reflected the international focus of its services.

The brand values to be communicated were: quality, technology, the spirit of change, modernity, a young family business, dynamism, service and adaptability.

All a brand’s positive attributes must merge together in its visual communication: from the logotype to photographs, from stationary to the website. From the inside out.

Design of sales brochure for copper production company APD

Solution — We employed a two-fold approach revitalising APD’s brand presence: reworking the logo and corporate image, and redesigning the website. A modern, elegant, solid and intelligible geometric typeface was used for its new logo together with the symbol for copper (which is also the symbol for Venus and refers to harmony, beauty, love and life) to reinforce both APD’s technological and human profile.

APD’s working process is based on recovering and recycling waste to produce copper-based alloys. Highlighting ADP’s environmental responsibility was an essential consideration in our approach to the new brand identity.

The colour chosen for the copper symbol was a burnt orange. The letters are a faded greyish-white mirroring the visual effect of metal materials and it is all framed within a rectangle in accordance with the golden ratio, which is also a faded, metallic blue colour.

Web design based on copper production company APD's corporate identity

We also took care of the art direction and shooting in order to accurately convey this new look across platforms – from the website imagery to sales material. The photographic style had to be clear and descriptive – almost like a documentary –with powerful and dramatic framing, and close-ups highlighting detail and commanding our attention with powerful colours and heavy tones.

The website was designed to communicate that APD is a company with a quality product, with customer-focussed service and the ability to respond effectively, which is different to the competition. All of the sections and services included (recycling, products, RDI, manufacturing, etc.) are included in the company’s logo itself and in its new image.

The entire brand visibility plan culminated in the inclusion of the statement “Your partner in copper-based alloys”, which defines APD’s product and services while communicating closeness to clients and suppliers.

Art direction and photography for copper production company APD's branding
Art direction and product photography detail for copper production company APD's branding
Art direction and product photography for copper production company APD's branding
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