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Movex makes “lifting vehicles” (also known as truck cranes). It has been doing this for over 40 years. Before this, it spent nearly 30 years manufacturing industrial machinery, primarily for the ceramic industry in the mid-20th century. Today its truck cranes are sold in more than 30 countries. The transformation of the company and its growth have been colossal.

The content of the website we designed for Movex is based on three themes: its products, its history and its distribution. What more do you need? We engaged in a real exercise in synthesis and reduction for this job. Digital design makes everything possible. But for just this reason we decided to be sober and specific.

Digital design permits everything. However, precisely for this reason we decided to be specific and restrained.

Also because, as we always say, design must be useful. And what was really useful for the brand was to talk about what products it supplies (and their technical features), the expertise that assures the quality of these products and how (and where) to get them.

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