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Anuaria Selection Award 2016 – Best Naming
IGDEA Selection Award 2017 – Best Naming

In the beginning was the word — This agency specialising in food photography and products is highly characteristic, exclusive and personal.

They asked us to produce a robust, elegant, chic and memorable brand. We suggested a very clear and direct name (Food Shot), reinforced with a tagline that is just as clear and direct: Still Life Photography.

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Its photographs are practically paintings, like 16th- and 17th-century still lifes. So rather than use overused descriptors like “gastronomy” and “gourmet” we decided to go for something clearer and more unequivocal: “Still Life”. Since the entire brand had to exude a classical, academic air,

“photography” was preferred to “photo” and “portrait” to “picture”. After all, we had already used “shot” and “food” in the name. The “humble/select” duality of pictorial still lifes (in which formal elegance is used to portray everyday scenes) is present throughout the brand.

And then form — Since the name has greater weight than the tagline, the “humble/select” duality was unbalanced. So we made up for it by composing the logo in a very purist and harmonious way. And we kept the effect of the dualities in the typefaces. The name is thus in exclusive lettering with a humanistic spirit, developed from a Roman typeface. And the tagline is a geometric and formal, but very modern, Raleway, which is also used as a regular typeface for corporate texts on the website and stationary.

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