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Food Shot

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IGDEA Awards 2017 Best Naming

Anuaria Selection Award 2016 Best Naming

Naming and logo design for the food photography studio Food Shot

Logo design
Corporate identity

In the beginning was the word This agency specialising in food photography and products is highly characteristic, exclusive and personal.

They asked us to produce a robust, elegant, chic and memorable brand. We suggested a very clear and direct name (Food Shot), reinforced with a tagline that is just as clear and direct: Still Life Photography.

Naming and logo design for the food photography studio Food Shot

Food Shot’s photographs are practically paintings, like 16th and 17th century still life. So rather than use overused descriptors like “gastronomy” and “gourmet” we decided to go for something clear and unequivocal: “Still Life”. Since the entire brand had to exude a classical, academic air.

Developing the brand language further, “photography” was preferred to “photo” and “portrait” to “picture”. After all, we had already used “shot” and “food” in the name. The “humble/select” duality of pictorial still life (in which formal elegance is used to portray everyday scenes) is present throughout the brand.

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