Gif con el logotipo modular donde se muestra la identidad corporativa de Doctor Barret

The first full-face transplant in the world is the masterwork of Joan-Pere Barret. The term “masterwork” is a perfectly appropriate here because this surgeon is a real artist or, at the very least, a master in his field. Despite the recognition of his name, Joan-Pere Barret was still working under the self-effacing umbrella of BJ Cirugía Reparadora.

However, that was a name of a specialized clinic, and Joan-Pere wanted to give his brand a more personal and human character, because he is a surgeon who is committed to his work. He reconstructs people’s bodies, but also their lives.

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Getting down to business – We started by agreeing on an adjustment to his identity and, actually, why make any bones about using Doctor Barret. “Doctor” is recognizable in any language, and Barret is the surname already associated with today’s most amazing reconstructive surgery: face and extremity transplants and severe burn reconstruction, as well as plastic surgery with excellent results.

His identity, however, should be reinforced with a slightly more original tagline than “Plastic Surgeon”. Anyone can be a plastic surgeon, but only Joan-Pere Barret can perform Human Surgery, as we proposed. That’s his specialty.

Here, we are playing with the double meaning of the expression “human”. Firstly because his kind approach is what characterizes him as a doctor and as a person and, secondly, because it is a congenial definition which does not dramatize his work and creates togetherness. Besides, why use commonplace terms when it’s obvious that he performs surgery for humans?

The brand – The three brand values of Doctor Barret are: humanity, excellence and vanguard, because he is a doctor with an exquisite, kind and friendly manner; he is a meticulous doctor, a perfectionist and acclaimed worldwide in his work, and, finally, he is a pioneering doctor who advances medical science and brings us closer to an astonishing future.

The heart of his brand, therefore, should contain and communicate those values, and art was the language we chose in order to do it. There is no manifestation of humanity more powerful than art. By way of a look resembling the artistic avant-garde, we designed a futuristic logo based on the bust of the doctor himself, which is perfectly harmonious but not mathematical and is also dynamic and variable.

We opted for basic colours, very basic shapes, very clean images, a very clear feeling, transparent messages and so on. The elements of the logo and its character (its mutability) pushed us to display this graphic and visual identity as capable of standing out in various channels adaptively and without losing personality. In this way, we made sure that “Doctor Barret” had an image as distinctive and unique as Joan-Pere himself as a doctor.

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