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Borges Soja


Packaging and copywriting for Borges soy sales campaign

Visual communication
Sales material

“Itadakimasu” is the concept on which we based the creative development of this selling kit. It’s a Japanese expression used to give thanks for served meals, the services of the chef, the attention of those serving and the quality of the food. It’s even used to express gratitude for the forces of nature that have produced the ingredients used to create the meal.

All very Japanese. The assignment was to condense the essence of Japanese food in the design of a box so that the salespeople could go and sell the little bottles of soy sauce marketed by Borges to restaurants, catering firms and other businesses in the HORECA industry.

Storytelling is more than just a great idea that underpins a design. Storytelling is the magic of a product. And who doesn’t love magic?

Packaging for Borges soy sales campaign itadakimasu

At Vibranding we firmly believe that our job is to use design to tell stories, so we wanted to convey the moment the guest dips the food in soy sauce. Just the moment before that first taste. Immerse the viewers in the experience of tasting Japanese food to draw them into the sensations they would feel at that exact moment.

The design brief asked us for the selling kit to be very explanatory (self-explanatory even), but also to have some magic and intimacy. That’s why we gave centre stage to itadakimasu and made it the focus of our storytelling.

The finishes on the box emulate the aesthetics of Japanese brushes boxes. Cardboard was used in the inner body to imitate the wood, and a folding carton for the outer cover in matt, reminiscent of the silky texture of the old lacquer (one that has lost its lustre but retains its smoothness). The colours and illustration also seek identification with the Oriental visual universe.

Cover of Borges soy sales campaign itadakimasu's packaging
Back of Borges soy sales campaign itadakimasu's packaging
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