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March 8´s posterwith designed and illustrated at Vibranding

Visual communication
Art direction

March 8 is International Women’s Day. We trust that you already know that. And we trust that you already know that the fight goes on, because fair, equitable, equal and fraternal societies are in short supply. Your fight too. Our fight too.

This is why we subscribe to the social activism actions of so many groups, associations, alliances, leagues, communities, institutions and, above all, persons. With what we have. With graphic design. Now, more than ever, we must vindicate graphic activism. As our design study is also a brand, graphic activism is our way of doing brand activism.

For this purpose we created a sign. Which all of our team members worked on. They (we women), heading the creative development of the idea, the concept, the style. They (we men too) providing support as necessary. And not only have we posted and shared it, but we have also gifted it.

Close-up of International Women's Day poster by Vibranding

Fuming — the storytelling is self-evident: we are fuming. The slew of injustices, offences, slander, abuse, affronts and ignominy has led us to fume on the inside.

And we chose to use irony to express this. Irony and critique. For this reason, the illustration is reminiscent of the 1950s aesthetic (perhaps one of the most atrocious eras of institutionalised sexism) and our main character is one of those “perfect woman” so often advertised. But that perfect woman, that perfect lover, that perfect housewife, that perfect friend, mother, neighbour, sister, ever-smiling and happy, submissive and obliging, is… fed up to the back teeth!

The irony of the matter is that she would say that everything is fine (“just dandy”). Even though so many things are not so fine. And they are still not so fine, obviously.

March 8 poster on street

What you don’t see — what we have inside us is what we should share with the world. With a sense of humour, but also with harshness. So we let it all out to make it visible. Just in case you’re not familiar with sexist violence, abuse, femicide, sexual harassment, sexism objectification, glass ceiling, wage gap, manspreading, institutional invisibility, victim blaming, patriarchal justice, phallocentrism, androcentrism, manterrupting, pink tax, women’s mental load, sexist language, mansplaining, body shaming, the culture of rape, purplewashing, discrimination, sexist advertising or slut-shaming.

Because hiding this reality was never a good solution. We share the causes of our fight in order to share the fight.

Click here to download the poster to print.

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