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The incredible mutating logo

Agripina Awards Best Branding 2021

Muse Creativity 2021 Golden Award Best Brand Identity

Selección Anuaria 2020 Award Best Logo for Product or Service

Agripina Awards 2020 Runner Up Best Environ Branding Work

Corporate stationary of Block Audioviuals

Logo design
Corporate identity
Sales material
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If you organise conferences and congresses, shoot a film or a TV show, stage concerts and tours, are in charge of executive production, design shows or performances or are engaged in events of any kind, Block will help you. They offer everything in light, sound and image. Not just material, but also the expertise and the experience needed to give you top-notch assessment. They are very well-positioned in the market, but their brand identity lacks the image they would like it to have or it does not reflect their standing. So they paid us a visit.

A brand projects what your business is like. Its values are your values. Its image is your image. Its identity is your identity. These things are inseparable.

Adaptability and expertise – Block can cater to all your needs and give you everything that you want. Ergo, Block adapts. Another one of Block’s strong points is its available material and advice. Ergo, Block knows what it is talking about. One attribute is emotional and the other rational. One attribute is human and the other technical. One attribute talks about adaptability and the other about expertise. Hence, the challenge here is to build an identity that is flexible but which also conveys experience. In passing, this will help us resolve many of the common problems of graphic applications.

Close-up of logo variations in Block Audioviuals brand book
Close-up of logo composition in Block Audioviuals brand book
Business cards and envelope of Block Audioviuals

Changing the logo intentionally  – The on of Block  does not move, but it does take on different shapes. It is a mutating logo. And every format that it adopts is solid and firm, never soft. And as we were saying, in a company that straddles such a broad diversity of material (from IT solutions through to sound and light equipment), having a logo that fits each element and each product and medium is good for maintaining brand presence without being pushy (they lease and assemble, but they do not manufacture).

And more than anything, this approach is truly honest with regard to the way that they deal with their customers and the services that they offer. “We adapt to your needs”, they say. Well, so does their logo.

But, as we said, the Block logo is also firm. This is the rational attribute that is part of their brand values, one we cannot overlook or forget. And it is a logo built with a personalised typeface.

Duct tape with the logo of Block Audiovisuals

A team effort – First of all, we conceptualized and came up with a letter style that allows us to change its proportions drastically (well, it was actually Marco, our Creative Director, who did it). We then fine-tuned this to play about with the concept of flexibility in different applications (which was done by Amador, our Design Director; experience is an asset).

And the finishing touch, the definitive definition, the typographic refinement, came from Javi, our Designer and Typographer. The result is a technical but never cold lettering which always, regardless of its shape, transmits human qualities through its thickness. It is always consistent and compact, but also full of life and strength.

Close-up of corporate logo in Block Audioviuals brand book

Finally, we brought in AV (audiovisuals), a well-recognised and recognisable description of its services in the sector, acting like a tagline, inside the logo, instead of outside of it (above, under or at one side), which would be the usual practice. In this way the logo is a container, the logo provides integration, the logo beckons, it is generous and sociable. And above all it contains AV. Because AV are the heart of the brand.

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