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Can Calet

Fun for nibbling

Mock-up of Snacky Tapas's packaging design for Can Calet


The old hand-crafted sausage thing has already been seen enough, don’t you think? The farmhouse, the old guy, the slaughterhouse, etc. It works for selling cooked ham, of course, and if those were the values of a brand, we wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend it. However, Can Calet has a different product that competes in a different market.

Well, actually, they have many other products, but the ones with which they have started working with us are sausage snacks for an international market.

The packaging design and the naming of Snacky Tapas were designed meticulously to contend with competitors that are much better positioned on the market.

Research and Development  We began by immersing ourselves in the exciting world of meat snacks which in Spain perhaps may not be much of a tradition but play a hugely important role in international markets, especially in North-European ones. We discovered that our client had a very distinct product and that it had enormous potential, but also that presenting it with traditional charcuterie values would not have much impact. So, we looked for another way.

Animated illustrations of Snacky Tapas's packaging for Can Calet

The first step was to think of a name that conveyed their origin. The products are typically Iberian (chorizo and fuet) and our client asked us to use some globally recognized Spanish identifier and to add another element to the name that alluded to the moment of consuming an impulse purchase product in the form of a casual appetizing snack. In short, pork nibbles with Designation of Origin, and that everyone gets the picture.

So we created the name of the range: Snacky Tapas. And from there we developed the product descriptors: “sticks” and “bites”. Equally appealing as understandable to any market. Now, let’s look at the design.

Happy pigs Just like the chickens that lay quality eggs, the pigs at Can Calet are also happy. In their case, because they end up being a Snacky Tapa, a cheerful appetizer, a whimsical titbit.

The attitude of the drawn pigs is the essence of the values of the product. The style of those drawings is also carefree and primitive (like the impulse we want to spark in the consumer). The use of typography, colours and finishes pursues those same qualities, and the use of adding the product descriptor in a brightly-coloured metallic sticker confers differentiation and readability (as well as boldness). And since the stickers are snout-shaped and the packaging window is a smile… well, you get it, right? As we said: happy pigs.

Close-up of label and packaging design for Snacky Tapas
Animations of Snacky Tapas's packaging illustrations for Can Calet
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