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Business card with new logo of the photography studio Punzano

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Juan Punzano takes verité photos. His style is highly documentary and realistic, and he has that marvellous ability of being where he needs to be without actually appearing to be there. Thanks to this skill, he can take aim and shoot in order to capture very intimate and private scenes in a gigantic and epic way. The result is not only beautiful; it is enormous. A client like that does not need a barrel-load of corporate items. He needs a calling card. And evidently a good logotype.

Something apparently as simple as designing a logotype is a gigantic graphic challenge, but it is also a passionate one. And we are in love with design.

It is a meticulous and perfectionist lettering job. We know (because we have worked with Juan for years) that he is a painstaking, hard-working, meticulous, elegant, outstanding and energetic photographer with an eye for detail. But he is also very genuine. And his logotype is all these things too. It is elegant and rugged because it uses a typeface with an accentuated contrast which even so does not go to the delicate lengths of the didonas. It is clear and legible. It is utterly devoid of superfluous decorative items and is both easy to read and memorable.

New logo on image for the photography studio Punzano photography branding logo design logotype typography Vibranding

The letters are drawn on a vertical axis and use simple and dynamic curves. This all conveys technical rationality and honesty. Good photographs that portray sincere moments. Finally, the stencil-like appearance affords an up-to-date character and modernity, which are also outstanding values in the photographic style of Juan Punzano.

Close-up of business card with new logo of the photography studio Punzano

We are happy to have come up with a logotype that sits very well with the numerous and varied instants, episodes, events and scenarios that Juan usually portrays without contaminating or invading them. And all of it without foregoing personality and autonomy.

Drafts and creative process photography studio Punzano's new logotype
Black and white photography of studio Punzano
Diligent and sexy typography designer working on new logotype for the photography studio Punzano
gastronomy photography of studio Punzano
Closep-up of business cards with new logo of the photography studio Punzano
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