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Family — In the mid 1970s, Pedro Iruela sowed the seeds of a business selling olives, which has grown into a brand rooted in two types of terrain: exquisite flavour and mass market prices.

Both the packaging and the logo we worked on for years were “mass market” solutions. They now needed a new, more refined image.

  • Branding
  • Corporate identity
  • Packaging
  • Copywriting

Logo — The first step in the process consisted of redesigning the logo to set it within the visual universe of the premium category (sobriety, black and white, elegant typefaces, etc.) and give it the tagline “Iruela Family – Since 1975” to communicate tradition, experience and closeness. Basically, we did not want to stray from Iruela’s two types of terrain. The logo is now stylish. While the tagline is mass market.

Label — We also managed to give the packaging that brand duality by creating recognizable popular visual patterns. The polka dots became the starting point and developed them based on the aesthetic of digital pictograms. We created new motifs that refer to Spanish folk tradition but with a contemporary focus. The polka dots thus became an earring, a high-heeled shoe and a fan. A distinctive icon for the various product varieties.

The colour palette shuns the garish reds and greens of the folk aesthetic and instead uses desaturated colours without going as far as pastel shades. There are few black or coloured areas on the label. The patterns are on transparent backgrounds because we think a product as good as Iruela olives should, above all, be seen.

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